Friday, January 6, 2012

Hiatus Over

It's not like I didn't have anything to write about for the last seven months. Like my trip to Alaska with my grandson this summer, or the San Diego Quilt Show in September or our great guild show in October. Not sure if it was being too busy to blog or just laziness or somewhere in between. I do know that I need to make it a habit to write here. Then it will automatically be in the front of my mind.

So I am back and plan to blog at least once a week. You can help keep me to that commitment by following and commenting!

We are at the beginning of a new year, so goals are in the forefront of many people's minds. Notice I didn't use the word, "resolutions." "Goals" just sounds better. Everyone should have goals. To find a job, save for college or a better place to live, or just to finish that quilt you started five years ago.

Here are my goals for 2012:
1. To finish one UFO a month.
2. To sew every day.
3. To tackle organizing my surroundings in small steps.
4. To blog here once a week!

To those ends I have sewn on three of the past five days, reorganized my kitchen and buffet drawers, and here I am blogging. Now I need to pick out a UFO to work on.

I am also taking a picture a day to archive small memories from the year. Here are some from the first five days. The first was a bread-making lesson from my friend Patty, an expert in the field, on New Year's Day. The second is 6 of the 14 log cabin blocks I sewed at our sew-in on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Below is beautiful Spring Valley on New Year's Day. My phone said it was 79 degrees.
On the 2nd I went to Weight Watchers at their nice new location in the Von's Shopping Center in Rancho San Diego. That's another goal--to lose some weight and get fit, or at least fitter. On the3rd I made a sample Patience Corner block for class, using Anita Soloman's shortcut method (coming in another post).

On the 4th our quilting mini-group, Stitch 'N Bitch Quilters, met for dinner. Here is our group, l-r Barbara, Donna, Anna, Agnes, Nancy & Patty.
On the 5th I did some organizing. This is the new tea basket with all my teas in one place.
That's it for today. Hope you all are having a fabulous 2012 so far.


  1. This is a charming and informative blog. Thanks for recommitting to it (-:
    Much love in the new year, see you very soon!

  2. Your blog looks really good. I'm glad you're getting back in the saddle.