Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Patience Corner Block

This post is a tutorial on Anita Soloman's quick method of constructing the Patience Corner block. This block finishes at 9”. It is suggested that you starch your fabrics to reduce any distortion that might occur in the construction process.

Materials: For each block you will need a 7” square of a focus fabric and 1 framing strip, 2” x 34". Subcut the strip into 2 pieces, 2” x 7”, and 2 pieces, 2” x 10” (Photo #1 below. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.). There should be good contrast between the square and the strip. If you are making multiple blocks you could use a second framing fabric for alternate blocks so the pattern "pops" better. If you are using directional fabric for the focus square, be sure you keep the fabric oriented in the same direction for all the blocks.

Instructions: Sew two 7” strips to two opposite sides of a 7” square (P. #2). Use an accurate ¼” seam allowance. Press the seam allowances toward the strips. It should now measure 7” x 10”. Sew two 10” strips to the 10” sides of the unit. Press seam allowances toward the strips. It should now measure 10” square. (P. #3)

Cut the block in half vertically and again horizontally (1st photo below). You now have four pieces that are 5” square. Switch the piece in the upper right quadrant with the piece in the lower left quadrant, WITHOUT ROTATING THEM (see photos below). It should now look like the last photo in the group below.

Sew the 2 adjacent pieces together for each half of the block. (See photos below). Press the seam allowance toward the focus fabric. Sew the resulting 2 halves of the block together, matching and nesting the center seams. Press the final seam allowance open.

The block should be 9 1/2" at this point. When it is sewn into a quilt it will finish at 9". If your blocks are slightly different sizes, square them up on all four sides to the size of your smallest block. When you sew the blocks together be careful you do not rotate the blocks (unless you want to) so the "figure 8" tilts in the same direction. Hope you have fun with this block.


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  2. I wan to say thank you. I see this in other ways to do it and yours is so much easier. I make different colors and just move the colors around. thank you for sharing.

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