Monday, June 6, 2011

A Few Flora & Fauna Photos

This is not quilting related, but thought you might enjoy a few flora and fauna photos--how's that for a little alliteration. Thought you were back in high school English class, didn't ya?

My friend, Patty, and I took a trip up to the Wild Animal Park--sorry, the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park--a few weeks ago and got some good exercise walking all over the park. Why did they change the name? I thought the Wild Animal Park was just fine and that's what it will always be to me. Anyway, we visited the butterfly enclosure where the butterflies light on your head, hands, shoulders, just everywhere. They are really beautiful. One landed on Patty's camera and one landed on her head.

We saw all kinds of birds. I can't remember their names, but you all probably know them anyway.

This one was sitting on a nest.

And like the Zoo, there are so many beautiful plants at the park. Here are some of the blooming varieties we saw.

These are my favorite little critters, the meerkats. They were napping, one atop the other. Pretty cute. If you go to the Park in the summer, go in the morning. It's cooler and the parking is better. By the way, you pay for parking ($8 I think) unless it is included on your membership. It's a great place to walk and enjoy the animals and vistas.

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