Saturday, June 4, 2011

New & Older Product Recommendations

These are some new and older quilting products I have tried and can recommend.

The first is a fusible web that has actually been out for a while and I have been using for the past year or so. It is Shades Soft Fuse and is a lightweight fusible that leaves your applique with a really wonderful, light "hand" (almost feels like there is no fusible there), does not gum up your needle, and provides a secure bond. It is available in 10-sheet packages for $10 or in 3 yd., 6 yd. and larger packages (37" wide) for $28.50 and up at I have even used it to fuse silk and lame by lowering the iron temperature and using a pressing sheet. I have not seen the product in our local quilt shops, but if enough of us ask for it, I'm sure one or more of them will start carrying it. Let me know if you have seen it locally.
The I-Sight Mini Task Light is a small, battery-operated light that fits over the ear and directs an LED beam of light at your work. I bought one for about $15 from Quilter's Paradise, but I also saw them online for about $12-$13 at Amazon and other sites. The beam of light is quite bright and the light part is flexible so it can be directed where you want it. It is comfortable once you get the right position on your own ear. It uses small flat quarter size batteries like you find in those battery-operated votive candles.
Heat Press Batting Together is a great product to fuse pieces of batting together. It comes in a 10 yd. package and is 1 1/2" wide for about $9. It doesn't leave a ridge or bump and fuses really nicely. You just lay the tape over the two straight edges of the abutted batting pieces and fuse. You have to adjust your iron temperature according to the type of batting. If using poly batting, you need to reduce the temperature to the setting for synthetics. No more basting the batting together or zigzaging over the edges. I love it.
Sewline makes a number of marking products. This one is the Sewline TRIO. It has three marking options in one tool that change with a twist of the barrel. There is a fine-line black pencil type marker, a white lead marker for dark fabrics, and a ballpoint embosser/tracer. There is an eraser on the end, which sort of erases, but don't expect your line to completely disappear. I really like the fine line the TRIO produces. It also comes with a few refill leads. It was $13.95 at Cozy Quilt Shop in El Cajon.
The last product is a new pair of scissors by Karen Kay Buckley, a nationally-known quilt author and teacher. I won a pair of the large 7 1/2" (purple handle) size at Cozy's last weekend. The blades are actually only about 3" long, but they call it "large." There is also a smaller size with green handles. The blades are micro-serrated so they actually grab the fabric and they cut well, all the way to the tips. They come with a plastic blade cover, too. I really like the over-sized, cushioned handles that either right or left-handed quilters can use. All four fingers fit in one handle opening and your thumb in the other. The large size is $25.95. I saw the smaller size for $20 online.

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  1. I've been experimenting lately with applique, and I appreciate the web recommendation. I purchased another product from Joann's and have not been pleased with it. I will have to try out the Shades version.