Friday, December 29, 2017

A New Year With New Goals

I have neglected this blog for almost four years. A lot has happened in those 1460 days or so, both good, bad and sad. I lost both my dear brother to leukemia and my beloved mother because she was done living at 93. The bad wasn't that bad. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease two years ago but am doing well on medication. The good is great. I can still sew and quilt, cook and walk and I still have my wonderful friends and family. My eldest grandson entered college this fall and is doing great and the younger grandson is a high school sophomore, also doing very well and playing baseball every chance he gets. My daughter and I made a wall quilt for my grandson's high school graduation this year. If I can figure out how to insert a photo here I’ll add one later. He's heavily into math and science, an engineering major.

My intention in posting tonight is to write down some goals for the new year. Yes, I know resolutions are made to be broken. But these are goals to work toward not resolutions to test one's resolve. I will see how much progress I make toward these goals. I'll break this down into three categories: personal goals, quilting goals and organizational goals.

Personal Goals. I reached one goal almost 2 1/2 years ago by losing over 45 pounds and keeping it off. Now with the Parkinson's I need to focus on more healthy goals: getting more sleep, walking and exercising at least 4 days a week for 30 minutes minimum, and drinking more water. I am notorious for not drinking enough water. And one final goal that should make me more productive: spend way less time on Facebook and reading stuff on the internet, no more than 30, ok 45 minutes a day. No point in making the goal impossible from the start, right? So those are my personal goals.

Quilting Goals. "Finishing" is the operative word here. I have an art quilt in progress for the past 20 months that I want to finish. I have numerous projects that need quilting and innumerable other UFO's in various stages of completion that I would like to finish--1-2 a month. I would like to make it a goal to sew or actively do some quilting activity at least 5 days a week. I won't say for how long each day until I can make it a habit. Parkinson's can interfere with motivation and I think getting back into the habit of sewing or quilting daily will help.

Organizational Goals. I am not getting any younger and having lived in this house for almost 40 years you can probably imagine how much crap, excuse me, "stuff" I have accumulated. I need to organize and reduce the quantity of "stuff" I have so my kids don't have to do it someday. Or maybe I should leave it for them. No, that would be cruel. Soooo, I need to do it while I am still able. Garage, sewing room, craft room, kitchen. Oh yes, and boxes upon boxes of photos, a lifetime and a half's worth, it seems.

And one final goal. To post on this blog once a week. If I can do that I'll be happy! Wish me luck and comment whenever you can as encouragement as, no doubt, I'll need every bit of support I can get.

I am linking up to #2018PlanningParty so you too can set some goals for 2018.