Friday, January 7, 2011

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival Slide Show

Already one week into 2011, 51 more to go! I'm trying to actually quilt every day, so I am journaling what quilt related things I do every day--hopefully to keep me on track. Yesterday I cut out the rest of the pieces for a Stack 'n Whack UFO from a number of years ago. Today I sewed the rest of the blocks (5) and assembled the quilt top. It still needs borders and a backing. I have a feeling of accomplishment, even though it isn't finished yet.

I ran across this slide show of some of the amazing quilts at the 2010 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival on The Quilt Show blog. They had over 200,000 visitors over about a week-long show. I hope you can watch it because these Japanese quilters are amazing in their talent. The other two links below are photos from the 2009 show and the 2010 show by blogger Jennifer at

2009 Tokyo show

2010 Tokyo show


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