Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Trip to Hemet for Valley Quilters' Quilt Show

Patty S. and I drove up to Hemet yesterday to attend the Valley Quilters quilt show. It was a very nice day and it took us about an hour and 35 minutes to get there. There were about 100 or so quilts, all very nice. Also, about 15 vendors, a boutique (sort of a quilter's garage sale) and a consignment shop. We saw all the quilts in about an hour and spent some time looking at all the stuff in the boutique. All kinds of crafting, quilting and other items, some 40 or more years old. I'd hate to have to store all of it in between quilt shows. Click here to view the photos I took at the show:

The show was in the gym or auditorium at the Valley-Wide Recreation Center. There is a large park with playground and some athletic courts for tennis and basketball. We ate our lunch under a big tree and then went back to see the vendors. I bought another cute "male hunk" fabric with an outdoorsman theme. After we left the quilt show we stopped at a new quilt shop in Hemet called Cotton Lane Quilting. I forgot to take a picture of it.

Outdoorsmen fabric
Before we left Hemet we walked through the Farmer's Market. Patty bought a Kubocha (Japanese for squash) squash and some asparagus. I bought some avocados and an Asian fruit called "jujube." And you all thought jujubes were just candy! It is a smallish, reddish brown, very wrinkled fruit (because it is dried) with a flavor similar to dates and a texture similar to dried apples. You can eat them or brew a very delicious tea from them.
Jujube fruit
We had a nice drive home so it was another great quilting experience.


  1. Like the new "male hunk" fabric.

  2. Had a great time in Hemet, I got a few doll patterns at the sale table, and some felting yarn. I loved the Antebellum Dress quilt. Karen and I took the same picture of the dresses up close.
    Can't wait to see what you make with the "Male Hunk" fabric.